Construction of MSC/MSR & Data Centers

Complete MSC/MSR site construction including supply, installation and commissioning of all civil works, tower, fire fighting, AC installations, Switchgear, generator and fuel tanks.

TKM provides ALL Consultancy (Architectural, Structural , Electrical, Mechanical, Quantity Surveying) Services PLUS the Construction of the Building and Installation of all Equipment.

1. Safaricom MSC Data Center Project, Safaricom Head Office, Nairobi

TKM completed the 600,000 US Dollar unique MSC Data Center Project Extension for Safaricom. This was completed in 3 years ago, the scope of works was different from the Traditional MSC, considering we worked in a live switch.

Work In Progress

power roompwroom2

2. Safaricom MSC Project, Kiboswa , Western Kenya

TKM Maestro successfully completed the 2.1 million US Dollar MSC Project for Safaricom. The Project was successfully completed within 8 months.


3. Safaricom MSC Extension Project, Thika. Kenya

TKM completed the 1.1 million US Dollar MSC Project Extension for Safaricom. This is our most recent MSC Project, completed in August 2010 within budget and in a record 4 months.

4. Tigo Rwanda MSC Project, 4.1 million US Dollars

TKM Maestro is on the verge of successfully completing the 4.1 Million US Dollar Tigo-Rwanda MSC Complex in Kigali, Rwanda. The successful model TKM has used is to incorporate the various expert Consultants and Specialised Contractors under one TKM Consortium, thus offering and end to end comprehensive Turnkey Project solution.

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