Turnkey Solutions

Since its inception, TKM has been manufacturing product solutions that have brought quality-engineered designs to the communications market.

Today, TKM’s products and services include a wide selection of self-supporting structures, monopoles, cellular & GSM antennas, mobile cell sites, wireless infrastructures, component solutions, telemetry and optimisation systems including WiFi, WiMAX, fixed line broadband solutions and all backed by a wide range of high quality support services.

TKM has been involved in many GSM turnkey projects with a wide range of services including:

  • Feasibility study and definition of system functions and network specifications
  • Identification of sites with adequate characteristics.
  • Prediction of the coverage of each radio base station and of composite coverage.
  • Survey, radio monitoring and site validation for radio base stations.
  • Site layout and installation materials.
  • Supply and installation of towers, supports, antennae and related power supply and air conditioning systems.
  • Installation of radio links and racks interfacing with the switching exchange.
  • Test measurements and start-up.
  • Network optimization and quality certification.
  • System and plant maintenance.

Wimax Installations & Commissioning

Involves Alvarion ODU and IDU installations, Integrating and commissioning. Power upgrades, Cabinreorganization to create space for new equipment. TKM is currently involved in WiMax installation Integration and commissioning in Western Kenya for Safaricom, one of the leading network operators in Kenya handling over 24 sites. The Equipments being deployed are Alvarion and Cisco.


Tower Design & Supply


TKM MAESTRO has partnered with Ganges International, India, a World Class manufacturer of Telecommunication Towers who produce 50,000 Tons of Steel Tower every year. TKM is Ganges’s accredited Partner in Africa for their Telecommunication Towers.

RF & MW Network Design, LOS Surveys

TKM Maestro has undertaken the Design and Optimisation of RF and Microwave GSM Networks, including conducting of LOS Surveys and Report compilation and tabulation for Network Rollout.

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